Superbowl Sunday Drive

Feb 11, 2024

Top Car Brands That Go Big on Advertising During the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl isn’t just a football game; it’s a cultural phenomenon that captivates millions of viewers around the world. With a massive audience tuned in to watch the spectacle unfold, it’s no surprise that companies are willing to shell out millions of dollars for coveted advertising spots during the event. Among the various industries vying for attention, automotive brands stand out as some of the biggest players when it comes to Super Bowl advertising. Year after year, top car manufacturers seize the opportunity to showcase their latest models, innovative features, and brand identity through high-profile commercials that leave a lasting impression on audiences. Here are some of the top car brands that consistently go big on advertising during the Super Bowl:

    1.    Toyota: Known for its heartwarming and inspirational commercials, Toyota has become a staple of Super Bowl advertising. From emotional storytelling to showcasing cutting-edge technology, Toyota’s commercials often resonate with viewers on a deeply emotional level. Whether highlighting its commitment to sustainability with hybrid and electric vehicles or celebrating the resilience of individuals overcoming adversity, Toyota’s Super Bowl ads leave a lasting impression long after the game is over.

vehicle driving through empty road
Toyota Prius

    2.    Audi: Audi is no stranger to Super Bowl advertising, consistently delivering memorable commercials that blend humor, innovation, and luxury. With sleek visuals, clever storytelling, and a touch of irreverence, Audi’s ads often stand out from the crowd, captivating audiences with their creativity and wit. Whether promoting its lineup of performance vehicles or championing progressive values, Audi’s Super Bowl commercials never fail to generate buzz and excitement.

close shot of white Audi car
Audi SUv

    3.    Hyundai: Hyundai has made a name for itself with its bold and imaginative Super Bowl commercials that push the boundaries of creativity. From celebrity cameos to heart-pounding action sequences, Hyundai’s ads are known for their entertainment value and ability to capture the imagination of viewers. Whether showcasing its lineup of stylish sedans, versatile SUVs, or eco-friendly options, Hyundai’s Super Bowl commercials are always eagerly anticipated and eagerly discussed.

black mercedes benz c class on road during daytime
Hyundai Car

    4.    Jeep: Jeep is synonymous with adventure, and its Super Bowl commercials reflect that spirit of exploration and freedom. Often set against breathtaking landscapes and accompanied by stirring music, Jeep’s ads evoke a sense of wanderlust and discovery. Whether highlighting its iconic off-road vehicles or promoting its commitment to sustainability and conservation, Jeep’s commercials resonate with outdoor enthusiasts and thrill-seekers alike.

white jeep wrangler on green grass field under white clouds during daytime
Jeep Wrangler

    5.    Ford: Ford is a perennial presence in Super Bowl advertising, leveraging the event to showcase its latest innovations in automotive technology and design. From high-octane thrill rides to heartfelt tributes to American ingenuity, Ford’s commercials run the gamut of emotions and themes. Whether touting the capabilities of its trucks, promoting its lineup of electric vehicles, or celebrating the resilience of communities, Ford’s Super Bowl ads consistently leave a lasting impression on viewers.

black chevrolet crew cab pickup truck on road during daytime
Ford F150

The Super Bowl serves as a prime opportunity for car brands to reach a massive audience and make a statement with their advertising. Whether aiming to evoke emotion, showcase innovation, or simply entertain, these top car manufacturers spare no expense in creating commercials that capture the imagination and leave a lasting impression on viewers around the world. As the Super Bowl continues to captivate audiences year after year, automotive brands will undoubtedly continue to go big on advertising, leveraging the power of the big game to elevate their brand and drive sales.