Before The Detail Begins

Feb 04, 2024

Steps to take to prepare your car before the Eagle Star Detail begins

At Eagle Star Detail, we want to ensure your vehicle receives the best care possible. Here’s a simple guide to help you prepare for your upcoming automotive detail:

1. Remove Personal Belongings:

 • Clear your vehicle of personal items to allow our team seamless access to every nook and cranny.

Man in shirt with plane tickets credit card and passport in hand
Sensitive information and items should be removed

2. Clear Out Console and Glove Box:

 • Take a few moments to remove any items from the glove box and console. If items remain inside either compartment, we will not clean those areas. Due to the nature of people storing sensitive items such as garage door openers, keys, makeup, loose change and credit cards, it is our policy that we do not disturb those areas as to not claim responsibility for anything that may be misplaced. 

3. Note Specific Concerns:

 • Make a note of any specific areas or concerns you’d like our team to address during the detailing process.

4. Secure Valuables:

 • Keep valuable items like electronics or important documents in a safe place before the detailing session.

5. Check for Special Instructions:

 • If your vehicle has any unique features or special instructions, please communicate them with our team in advance..

6. Plan for Adequate Time:

 • Schedule your detailing appointment when you can leave your vehicle undisturbed for the recommended duration.

Calendar page number. pencil yellow to mark the desired date to remind memory. timeline organize schedule,appointment and meeting reminder. planning for business or travel holiday planning concept.

7. Share Accessibility Information:

 • If your vehicle is parked in a gated area or requires special access, let us know in advance for a smooth arrival.

man wearing red and black top standing in front of white door
Make sure we are allowed entry

By following these simple steps, you’re not just preparing your vehicle for detailing – you’re ensuring an efficient and effective detailing experience with Eagle Star Detail. Our commitment to excellence starts with your preparation, and we look forward to transforming your ride into a masterpiece on wheels.