Looking for a ceramic coating? We can help.

Your car deserves the best, and that's exactly what we offer at Eagle Star Detail. Say goodbye to endless waxing and hello to the future of automotive protection - ceramic coatings.

Why Choose Our Ceramic Coating Services?

Unmatched Durability: Our ceramic coatings are engineered to withstand the toughest conditions, providing your vehicle with long-lasting protection against scratches, UV rays, road contaminants, and more.

🌟 Incredible Shine: Prepare to be amazed by the unmatched gloss and depth of color that our ceramic coatings can bring to your car's finish. Your vehicle will turn heads wherever you go.

🛡️ Advanced Technology: We utilize cutting-edge nanotechnology to create a hydrophobic, self-cleaning surface. Say goodbye to water spots and dirt buildup.

🕒 Save Time & Money: With our ceramic coatings, you'll reduce the need for frequent waxing and detailing. Enjoy a low-maintenance solution that keeps your car looking its best.

In slow-motion, the Guy (Man) is a professional in the garage in working form with a sponge (fiber) imposes different compositions for the car using a special rag. Concept of: Master, Worker.

Pricing table

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Seasonal Protection Package


Protection for 2 Years

A highly durable and quality coating that provides excellent hydrophobic and oleophobic protection and gives your car that dripping wet shine. As with our two premium ceramic offerings, this ceramic is only available to professional installers. Made in the USA, we guarantee this coating for the entire life up to 18 months. Our ceramics are not watered down like many of the online DIY varieties. We stay busy applying coatings because we give results people want. And we stand behind those results

Premium Hand Wash

Foam Bath and Pressure Wash

Deep Clean Wheels and Tires

Swirl Free Drying

Decontaminate Paint/ Iron Removal

Clay Bar Treatment

One-Step Machine Polish (Paint Enhancement)

Paint Enhancement

Paint Correction will incur additional fees if it is needed.

Vacuum Interior Floors and Seats

Clean/ Condition Leather Seats

Wipe and Dress Dash, Doors, and Console

Streak Free Cleaning of All Windows

Dress Tires and Trim

Professional Application of Premium Ceramic to All Painted Surfaces and Trim

12-18 Month Protection

Cure Time 1 Hour/ No Washing for 7 days

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Our #1 Requested Package

Enhanced Protection Package


Protection for 3-5 Years

3-5 Year Ceramic Coating Our most popular coating package. A customer favorite and a durable and wet ceramic coat. Manufactured in the USA, this coating comes with a warranty and all the best a ceramic can give. Includes a full interior and exterior detail.

Full Exterior Detail

2-Step Polish if Needed

Paint Correction up to 70%

Express Interior Detail

Warranty Available

Cure time: 12 hours

No water or washing for 7 days

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Ultimate Protection Package


Protection for 7+ Years

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Our top of the line coating that provides 7+ years of gloss, water beading and hassle free up-keep. This coating is dripping wet as a figure of speech. The depth of the gloss is unmatched in the industry and once cured it looks like a candy shell that not only provides excellent UV protection, but gives your paint that just off the showroom floor for years to come. This product is manufactured in the USA and comes with a 7 year warranty. As a professional ceramic this can only be applied by certified installers and Eagle Star is one of those certified.

Full Exterior Detail

Multi-Step Polish if Needed

Paint Correction up to 80%

Full Interior Detail

Warranty Available

Cure Time: 24-36 hours

No water or washing for 7 days

If you are looking for the best ceramic coating for your car, truck, RV or boat, you have come to the right place. Eagle Star Detail offers  top quality ceramic coatings for Boise, Eagle, Star, Meridian and Boise. All prices are estimates and upon inspection of vehicle, prices may increase but you will know before the work begins. 

Ceramic Coating FAQ

Where is your ceramic manufactured?

All our ceramic based products are manufactured in the United States under a robust set of environmental, safety and quality controls. 

Should I Just Buy Ceramic Online?

Although we invite you to look into alternate avenues for this service, we caution the use of the "ceramic" coatings on Amazon and other online retailers. Many of these ceramics are not actually ceramic and only provide a silicon based shine that wears quickly while providing no real durability or UV protection. Others are severely watered down allowing for their cost to aquire the solution very low. If the ceramic is manufactured in China, we can say with near 100% certainty that you are not getting a true ceramic coating. 

Will ceramic act as a shield against all damage?

A ceramic coating should not be understood to be a coat of armor that protects your vehicle against all threats. It is true that it will prevent swirls in the clear coat, provide excellent UV protection to stop premature fading, provide those hydrophobic and oleophobic benefits and enhance the deep wet shine that makes a car look incredible. What it will not do is prevent rock chips, scrathes caused by direct contact using a sharp object, or bring back the showroom shine of a neglected paint surface. 

Why does it take so long to install ceramic?

Ceramic can only enhance and work with the existing condition of the surface it is applied to. This is why we take steps to restore, revitalize and correct paint defects before we apply the ceramic. The majority of the time spent is in the preparation phase. Applying the ceramic is a 30-60 minute process. But we need to make the vehicle look its best before we add ceramic which will enhance to look of the surface it is applied to. So if the surface looks like shit, well ceramic will enhance the look and make it look like even more shit but shiny. 

Is it really even a good idea to get a ceramic?

Ceramics are a worthwhile and smart decsion to make for your car longterm. We will never sell ice to an Eskimo or ocean front property in Arizona, but we will sell you a service and product we ourselves believe in and use on our vehicles. Get the information you need and make informed decisions and we will be ready to go when you select the ceramic package below.

We are confident you will be pleased with the outcome and find joy in the decsion you made. 

Do you offer a warranty on your ceramics?

Every single one of our ceramic services comes with a durability warranty. The length of the warranty period varies depending on the level of the offering and on certain maintenence requirements. Eagle Star also stands behind the work we perform and offer a satisfaction guarantee that provides additional peace of mind when you book a service with us. *Terms and conditions apply and can be viewed in our legal documents in the footer of this website.